The cyclic nature of plastic is very much at the core of Stiff; customers can send in their used pipes for them to be recycled and used in a new Stiff product. We believe plastic is due for a revival. The Stiff pipe is an excellent example of compact design and hi tech materials combined in the name of human relaxation. Stiff Pipe limited edition were launched in Tokyo November 3rd. The Billiard pipes are sold in numbered (400) wooden boxes and come in three colour combinations (blue/dark navy, black/pistachio and red/murrey).

Stiff (as a company) are at this moment defined as pipemakers. To be exact we are the eleventh pipemaker in Sweden. When we release our next product we will broaden our specialities. The one thing that runs thru all our existing and future products is that they are made out of plastic (in some form). Later this year we will tell you more about our philosophy, vision and mission.


’’ Stiff has developed the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber.

Jukka Viitasara, Stiff