Stiff Pipe in Wired Magazine

Editors Pick 2013 in Wired Magazine

Stuff 'n' Puff - Stiff Pipe featured in Wired Magazine. Listed as the Editors Pick 2013! Place your order before Thursday and we will deliver before Christmas.


Stiff Pipe in black and pistachio

Pipe smoking is a guilty pleasure, one that isn’t necessarily good for you but brings a certain quality to life. It should be approached with a Dieter Rams-like ‘less, but better’ attitude, making sure that every drag counts.


Stiff Pipe in red and murray

Produced in Sweden, Stiff has developed the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber.


Stiff Pipe in blue and dark navy

Smoking a pipe is an ancient way of relaxing, but one that still works; in our stressful society, half an hour of soulful pipe puffing will help you to slow down the tempo and bring on a contemplative view of life.